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1. About the company

Description and history

2. Organization

Structure of the company (Organization)

3. Our philosophy

Mission and vision

4. Publications

Articles and presentations issued by CELESUR

5. Certificates

Certificates of quality and environmental management

6. Legal notice

Legal Notes on the content of the Web

7. Data protection

Data protection policy


1. Storage and management of water resources

Construction of storage and regulation ponds, of ornamental lakes in parks and gardens, artificial lakes on golf courses, as well as lagoons for improvements for animal live on hunting grounds

2. Extractive industry

Construction of evaporation ponds, storage basins for the residual washing of products in mining camps, pools of oil fields, and lagoons for evaporation for the salt production

3. Environment and Quality

Construction of landfills, ponds for handling of waste in the food industry, cooling ponds, and for sedimentation and purification

4. Security controls

Controls during the application of geosynthetics, damage surveys by leak detection systems, aging studies on exposures, expert surveys and reports, issue of certifications

5. Maintenance service

Location of leaks on existing installations, replacement/repair of geosynthetics, as well as underwater surveys and works

6. Special construction works

Drainage installations and mixed works, constructions of covers on reservoirs, pipe line installations, and reconditioning of concrete works and structures

Works and materials

1. Search for on map

Search by provinces of works carried out by CELESUR, nationally and internationally

2. Works in progress

Works are being carried out currently by CELESUR

3. Materials

Types of materials used by CELESUR (geomembranes, geotextiles, geocomposite drainage mats, bentonite mats (GCL’s) and geogrids
Information Contact details: (see location map)

1. Application information

Enquiry format

2. Technical questions

Format for technical enquiries

3. Quotation request

Data format for price enquires

4. Claims

Claims format

5. Web tips

Format for sugestionas to CELESUR’s web page

6. Sending of an C.V.

Form for submission of an Curriculum Vitae
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