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In the SERVICE OF WATER STORAGE AND MANAGEMENT, the most relevant types of work are. See more pictures:

  • STORAGE PONDS AND REGULATION: The irregularity of rainfall in arid areas as well as the regulations on hydrographic basins and aquifers makes necessary the storage, on agricultural holdings, of amounts that sometimes exceed the anticipated needs for a campaign.There are winter water concessions that require owners to store the entire volume of the annual award, in the autumn and winter. Rising energy costs and / or lower quality of the waters became necessary to build ponds to regulate the flow rates. See pictures
  • CHANNEL WATERPROOFING: The water conduits are influenced by the loss of water due to its infiltration into the ground. The waterproofing of the channels prevents the cost of water loss during transport. See pictures
  • ORNAMENTAL LAKES IN PARKS AND GARDENS:The sound of water is an indispensable element for the creation of recreational areas. See pictures
  • ARTIFICIAL LAKES TO GOLF COURSES: The creations of wetlands on the golf courses are not only an incentive from the landscape point of view, but they also imply that the creation and maintenance costs are inferior to the rest of the field surface and provide additional water volumes in case of emergency. See pictures
  • HUNTING AREAS IMPROVEMENT:The creation of wetlands in the hunting grounds, allows settlement of species, common in these areas, and improve the densities of usual species. See pictures

Storage ponds and regulation of water resources in Huelva

Artificial lakes golf courses in Málaga


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