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The activity of the company started in the 60's, giving rise, in the year 1986 to the creation of CELESUR. The group Drucker  currently  consists of  Celesur  Sistemas de Impermeabilización, S.L., Celesur Medio Ambiente, S.L., Hacienda ‘El Fontanar’, S.L., and Indhanova Corporation, S.L. The first has been operating for over 40 years in the construction and sealing of landfills and reservoirs for the management and storage of water and pollutants; the second provides support in the service of machinery and earthworks; the third is a farm of about 600 ha; and the last is dedicated to the renewable energy sector. The latter has been acquired by the Group Drucker at purchase 100% of its shares in 2010, with what it enlarges the Group's activities to the energy field. Related to the Group was created in the nineties Celesur, SA, which operates in South America in the hydraulic field, mining and the environment.

At present, we have offices in Orihuela (Alicante), Barcelona and Mendoza (Argentina). This has enabled us to work both nationally and internationally. At the national level we have participated in the development of virtually all of the new irrigated areas and, particularly, those located in areas of the east and south of the peninsula. At the international level we have carried out works in Bulgaria, Portugal, Morocco, Uruguay and Argentina.

The most common system used in the construction of our works has been the use of loose material compacted to the formation of the vessels for ponds. For waterproofing we use a variety of geosynthetic materials (HDPE sheets, geotextiles, geocomposite drainage mats and geocomposite bentonite panels), and as well the leading systems for leak detection, applicable in environmental and waterworks. We have also constructed vessels for the storage of pollutants that combine concrete structures with geosynthetic materials.

For the design of our work we use optimization criteria of the resources used, in order to provide secure constructions, at assumable costs for the agricultural sector, giving guarantees for the totality of works, of ten years.

For the construction, we use equipment with appropriate safety systems and own staff, with all mandatory legal coverage

Our assurance system, includes civil liability policies, at all risk for the construction, including responsibility for the equipment and compliance with the convention of the construction sector. From our suppliers we require certifications ISO 9.001, and insurance policies that provide coverage to their guarantees

Some facts:

  • We have done many works for the accumulation and regulation of irrigation water, ornamental ponds, lakes in golf courses, water treatment ponds, landfills and waterproofing works for the industry and agriculture sector.
  • • The total volume of ponds built in the last five years is in excess of 8.000.000 m3.
  • • In the last four years, our applications of geosynthetics exceeds 10.000.000 m2, including HDPE waterproofing sheets, geotextiles, geocomposite drainage and bentonite geocomposite mats.
  • • Within the total volume of geosynthetics used these last four years, in the field of waterproofing, we applied 7.000 tons of HDPE, equivalent to 4.500.000 m2.



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