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CELESUR installs the following types of geosynthetics in his works:

GEOMEMBRANES:These are waterproofing liners of rough or smooth surface, a material of very low permeability, available in panel form of variable sizes. They are applied in hydraulic and environmental projects, in order to reduce and prevent the outflow of liquids and vapors, in this works. Their main technical data and installation characteristic’s are as following:

  • HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): film made from virgin polymers (approx. 97.5%) combined with some additives, such as carbon black, antioxidants and other stabilizers (2.5%). This film or liner is currently the most widely used product for waterproofing of hydraulic and environmental installations, due to its great chemical and UV resistance. Its thicknesses frequently used, are in range of 1 to 3.0 mm. The joining of panels is performed by heat fusion, producing a double weld which leaves an interior channel for testing purposes, to verify the tightness of the welded seams.

GEOTEXTILES: This are flat textile panels, permeable, of polymeric yarn (synthetic or natural), a non-woven fabric, for the use in contact with soils or other materials. Frequently they are made of polyester or polypropylene fabric. Other functions are, the mechanical protection of geomembranes against puncture and/or tensions, caused by cracks or cavities in the ground, allow drainage water and gas filtration, assure the separation of ground soils or sand from the geomembranes, to enable clean and correct welding of the seams, other functions.

DRAINAGE GEOCOMPOSITE MATS: It can be used as substitutes of granular drainage layers (of gravel mostly) in landfills. In water ponds, installed underneath the liners, they are acting to drain and uplift external waters, as well as they are indicators in turn, of losses of water caused by leakage in the waterproofing system. In storage vessels of landfills they are serving to enable the outflow of leachate, and when the closure or sealing of a landfill is due, they are installed for gas and rainwater drainages

  • The mats, system DRAINTUBE, are thatch drainage geocomposite, made of 100% polypropylene fabric, comprising a filter layer, a drainage layer with perforated micro drainage pipes, fixed at distances depending on the characteristics of each project.

GEOCOMPOSITE BENTONITE MATS (GCL’s): This are liners compounded of a layer of natural sodium bentonite, encapsulated between a geotexil of non woven fabric and a woven geotextile, both of polypropylene fabric. In landfills, these mats are used as a substitute for the natural clay layers, below the layer of HDPE geomembranes, when the natural geological barrier does not meet the legal specifications (in Spain as per the decree R.D. 1481/2001.

GEOGRID: These are panels, made of reinforced fabrics, used in waterproofing installations for the stabilization and reinforcement of the soil on slopes, as well as on the basis.


Drainage Geocomposite. Draintube
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