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In the service of the EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRY, the most relevant types of works are See more pictures:

  • EVAPORATION PONDS AND FOR STORAGE AND WASHING OF PRODUCTS IN MINE FIELDS:Mining generates potentially hazardous byproducts for the environment. The extraction processes of the elements of economic interest are becoming more and more chemical processes than physical separation. The generated leachates from the said processes are to be maintained under control for the correct valorization and treatment. See pictures
  • DUMPING PONDS IN OILFIELDS: Drilling processes for the capture of oil requiring the use of products of different classes (foaming, bentonite, etc.) that must be managed properly. In addition, the proper use of extractions requires premises for decantation and separation of the products that compose them. It is also necessary to isolate, against contamination, the storage and accumulation areas of water for firefighting. See pictures
  • EVAPORATION LAGOONS AND SALT PRODUCTION: Reducing the water content of different solutions is used as a means to lower the volume to deal with of the potentially dangerous, with a consequent reduction of costs by increasing the concentration of those with commercial use.

Evaporation ponds of products in mine fields in Argentina

Dumping ponds in oilfields in Argentina


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