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CELESUR performs QUALITY and SAFETY Controls and issues further Technical Reports of the works See more pictures:

  • QUALITY CONTROL IN GEOSYNTHETIC APPLICATIONS: CELESUR applies rigorous quality controls to their works, performing sequential control of parameters for joining by welding geomembranes and checking the tightness of these. Based on our extensive experience in this type of construction works and our ability to advise, organize, manage and implement quality controls, with our technical staff and own equipment, we offer this service on a external and individualized form, for each type of installation.At continuation we break down, briefly, the scope of field quality controls, to secure waterproofing:
  • Control of the tightness of the welds made by heat fusion, as per UNE 104481.
  • Control of resistance for thermo fusion welds by using a field tensiometer.
  • Controls for tightness of welds made by extrusion through the use of a vacuum chamber as per UNE 104 425 (Annex C).
  • Leak detection, using the system VATEM, a high voltage electromagnetic tester (see below a brief description of it
  • Quality controls of all aspects of the instalation
    • Managing verification tests to the various geosynthetic materials, in laboratories accredited by ENAC.
    • Verification of CE marking, of the technical data sheets and quality control certificates from the manufacturer, in compliance with the project specifications / or corresponding standards’ regulation.
    • Check the backup and storage terrain for the geosynthetic materials.
    • Check the parameters of the thermo fusion and extrusion welding.
    • Check the correct execution of the waterproofing system (overlapping on joints, and ties as well as the performance of unions of the HDPE sheets). Further oversee the scope of factory works, as pipes and singular points of the installation.
    • Elaboration of a position plan of the panels installed with their welded unions, through a system of topographic survey.
  • LEAK DETECTION SYSTEMS: Are methods available for the instant detection of damage in landfills, reservoirs, storage facilities, and etc., which are using geomembranes as waterproofing barriers or the like. The following is a brief presentation of the three basic methods:
  1. System CERBERUS, Fix: This method consists of flexible sensors installed underneath the geomembrane. Than the sensors are connected by electrical conduits to a junction box. Once installed above the geomembrane, the usual drainage layer of gravel, we proceed with the process of leak detection. For it, is activated a power source, previously placed in the layer of gravel. The measurement and interpretation of the electrical current flow anomalies, provides the integrity or leak data of the waterproofing system.

  2. Detección de fugas de un vertedero

  3. CERBERUS, Mobile: The system of control consists in placing on the surface of the drainage or protective layer (of gravel), a portable sensor electrode group. It is of single use. This method is designed to measure the integrity or anomalies of the waterproofing system, after installing the said protective layer (under certain conditions, even with a thickness of waste.

  4. Electromagnetic High Voltage Tester (VATEM): This system operates in analogy between water flow and electrical current. The purpose of this method, in a form electromagnetic measurement, is to detect geomembrane damages on exposed waterproofing liners. Also to control risks of damages on waterproofing geomembranes layers of HDPE, prior to the installation of the respective cover layers (gravel, sand).

Checking of tightness of the welding joints with air pressure


Inspection of possible damages to the geomembranes, on a lagoon for salt production in Argentina , with the high voltage electromagnetic survey system(VATEM)
Location plan of the different HDPE panels with their welded joints


Carrying out controls of welds on the geomembranes
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